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Dr. Barry Lasko

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"Many don’t know what Barry has overcome to achieve such outstanding results. Barry has the focus and determination of a true winner. He is a coach’s dream because he will do exactly what you tell him." Dr. Barry Lasko won Heavy Weight Body Builder Open Class Champion in Las Vegas and Seattle, 6th place and 3rd place, respectively.
Elisa Furr

32 %

15 %

Elisa Furr won Jimmy Fallon’s Clash of the Cover Bands on E! Network. "I searched through many personal trainers, and Carol's resume and excellent before & after results on her website stood out the most. Carol is very professional but she also knows how to balance the line between kicking your butt in training and also being able to have a good laugh with you. The most remarkable difference is how her program has improved my cardio fitness and stamina! When I first started I couldn't run one lap around the track (1/7th mile). I had to use my asthma inhaler and thought I was having a heart attack. Now I can do cardio like a kid, and I feel even better after 40 than I have in my whole life! I would recommend Carol to anyone, any day, and swear by her skills, knowledge, and genuine love for what she does. She has helped me in so many ways, most of all by getting me fit for all the touring I am going to be doing!"
Mark Norton

24.4 %

20.1 %

"The Las Vegas Personal Trainers program gave me the determination to change my life and get healthy. I am now in the best physical condition I've ever been in. While living in Las Vegas, the personal trainers at Las Vegas Personal Trainers changed my life and the way I live my life. I am now taking dance lessons at Stoney's on Friday nights. Before, I never had the energy to go to the lake or the pools, now I have a boat. It felt so great when I first noticed the weight coming off. The biggest change in my life is that now I am attracting the type of women that I'm attracted to. Before I started working out, I was less confident in myself. The Las Vegas Personal Trainers program made me more outgoing. I met a lot of great Las Vegas locals in their networking system. I do circuit training on average 3 days a week for 30-45 minutes after I warm up and then I do my cardio in addition to that when I have time because my trainer makes me be on time, stretch, and follow a custom meal plan. Sometimes I go 4 or 5 days a week because it's the same price per month so it's easy for me to budget. My favorite workout is leg day and I love the chicken recipe. Their trainers work on shifts, so you know you still have accountability in case you need to come in earlier or later. Having booked recurring appointments makes me show up and the Rock Your Body website saves me a whole lot of time if I need to reschedule. I'm glad I joined for my health. I am so much more positive to be around and I would recommend Las Vegas Personal Trainers to everyone."
Kathryn Stone

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21.3 %

“After enjoying many late nights of clubs and cosmos I woke up one morning only to realize that I was not looking my best, actually I didn’t recognize myself! My body looked unhealthy and I was significantly overweight from my party lifestyle and very bad habits. Las Vegas Personal Trainers turned my life around, I now look and feel better than ever! My custom Strom meal plan was the easiest I’ve ever followed. The success of working out has opened so many doors. I am now working as a professional model with an agency. I was awarded the title of "Miss Henderson International" and competed for the Nevada state title. Thanks, LVAC and Las Vegas Personal Trainers for helping to make my dreams a reality!"
Sara Green
"Wow...Where to begin? I was skinny up until I was 7 years old, then the weight problem developed and persisted for the next, almost, 30 years.  Weight up & down, up & many times? Many, at least 5 or 6 to count off the top of my head. Then after praying for years to overcome heaviness, it was time. At the beginning of summer 2002, I was at my heaviest around, 243+. I made a decision to lose the weight at that time. The weight started to come off slowly with smaller portions. I became conscious about watching what I was eating, smaller portions, half portions, portions as small as your fist (two fists at first!) lots of salads, carrots & celery as late-night snacks if needed. I did not stop eating anything in particular, only smaller amounts, I denied myself anything, but if I wanted a big cheeseburger with fries and mayo, I had it, but only once a week or every two weeks.  Cold Stone ice cream 5 nights in a row, oops! back on it the 6th night. It was ok to mess up a bit, I just got back on it instead of throwing in the towel. I only weighed myself every month to two months so I saw progress forward, instead of the minor ups and downs since I do not own a scale. During this time, I did some inner healing which I believe will keep the weight off for life. It helped heal the hurts within myself with God's help and a lot of good friends. I let go of old resentments and forgave others and myself for a painful past. The weight literally melted off. I let go of the pain and the weight let go! No longer did I need to eat to cover feelings anymore and I don't obsess over food anymore. Carol Strom keeps me motivated by keeping me accountable for my workouts and gives great pointers on staying fit and healthy workout habits. She is constantly suggesting neat ideas on how to keep things interesting so I don't get bored with the routine. She is very knowledgeable about fitness, form, nutrition, and fun stuff too! Carol studies constantly to keep up to date on her fitness training, so I feel confident that new information that might affect overall fitness is being passed along frequently and correctly. She has helped strengthen me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through the workouts and her friendship. Best of all, she has strengthened my core; I GOT ABS, DUDE!!! I plan to continue with Carol as long as she can stand me! She rocks! God Bless you all! (Hot Tip: Ask God to help you and He will.)"
"I joined the gym in June. Then I began to go on a "regular" basis in June. Although I am quite driven and self-disciplined, I was able to lose only 1 pound in two months. It wasn't until I received personal one-on-one training from Carol that I began to see results. Even if I was eating pretty healthy, Carol pointed out that my portions were too big. She set me up on an easy-to-follow diet plan. I was also concerned about my Fibromyalgia. That I would not be able to do a proper workout without being in serious pain from it. Carol knew about this condition and was able to tailor my initial workout schedule and diet with this in mind. I weighed 146 pounds, was wearing size 12 to 14 pants, wasn't very active, and was sore and tired most of the time. In four months, I was able to lose 17 pounds and 11 inches overall. Now, I wear a size 6 to 8 pants. I not only look better but feel better, too. The pain that I was having from Fibromyalgia does not bother me as much, if at all. Working out is a lifestyle change I needed to become more healthy. With a combination of cardio and diet, I was able to lose the weight. Three times a week, I would do cardio for 20 minutes on one of the two elliptical machines, the treadmill, or bike. I would follow that with the weight training machines, which included all-over body lunges with pull-downs, squats with rows, and squats with upright rows. As well as, the more sedentary seated row, chest press, incline press, and leg press. It started with light weights and reps of 15/2 sets. Then I worked up to slightly heavier weights with reps of 20. I have maintained my weight these past 3 months, coming to the gym twice a week, and allowing a few more calories in my diet. When I wore my wedding dress on February 29, it fits a little loose and my seamstress told me to "bulk up" a little before the big day). Right then, I knew I had achieved my goal - I was a "Pretty Princess" on my special day, and was rather toned, too. I’m glad I was also able to dance the night away, something a year earlier I wouldn't have been able to do. I know that it was Carol that helped me achieve my goals, and would highly recommend her to anyone, no matter what fitness level."
Ron Foos
I am the bass player for Paul Revere and the Raiders. Since age 15 I have made a living on stage playing music. While living most of my life on the road like a rock star; food became my best friend and exercise became a memory. Over this time I suffered the loss of my father. Then I lost my mother, my brother, and 2 dogs of 15 years (who were like children to my wife and me), all in less than a year! I was at my highest weight 230+ lbs and I couldn't walk because of bad knees. I had to wear knee braces on stage to get through each performance. I couldn't sleep, had no energy, and was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I looked and felt like an 80-year-old man with a bad back. Two things happened to change all that. I took my wife's advice and finally sought treatment for sleep apnea (a curable but deadly sleep disorder.) Finally I feel rested! Thank you Ronda! My wife also encouraged me to go to the Green Valley Las Vegas Athletic Club (LVAC). She and her friend had already lost 60 pounds working out with personal trainer Carol Strom of Las Vegas Personal Training. In only 8 months I have lost over 25 lbs of fat, gained 10 pounds of muscle and I am correcting my posture! I have never felt better in my life! I have thrown away my knee braces and I’m even JOGGING again! A dream I thought was forever lost because my painful knees would barely let me stand. I now have great sleep, and more energy and I am in better shape than I was 20 years ago. My back feels strong thanks to core work and corrective exercises/ stretches. Plus my blood pressure has gone way down. Carol Strom has changed my life through her own great personal story and amazing daily example. She is an authority beyond her young years in the science of exercise and nutrition. Carol has a mature and professional manner that encourages her clients to reach for their dreams and see results. I endorse her program 100%. Carol Strom has not only shown me how to exercise correctly but has taken me from a disabled 55-year-old to a guy who now looks forward to the gym. In addition to my tour schedule my wife and I regularly go on adventure trips with activity-focused challenges. (Hiking Zion National Park, biking around Las Vegas, walking all over Disneyland and Europe. Plus we swim and play like we are kids in our backyard pool. Thank you, Carol Strom!
Toni Thompson
"I couldn't be more satisfied with my progress. The fact that Las Vegas Personal Trainers is a full-time professional fitness company. It gives me confidence that they will be there for me throughout the challenge of regaining my health and fitness. I am very impressed not only by Strom's expertise in the field of exercise and weight training but in their overall fitness knowledge. I have been struggling with an ever-burgeoning body for the last 20 years. Strom has managed to make me work harder than I thought possible. With all of the choices in Las Vegas, I plan to continue to drive from North Las Vegas to train three times a week!" Toni has been in over 40 major Hollywood motion pictures."
Heather Gordon
"Carol more than just trains your muscles, she trains your mind. Carol believes in more than just going through the motions, she wants her clients to understand what is going on in their bodies. Instead of just doing the normal mundane routines to shape your body, she likes to challenge your body by using different techniques to reach different trigger points. In the year I have been with Carol, my body type has changed dramatically. I also see my body in a new light. I truly feel more in tune with my body and I have more confidence than ever."
"In six months Las Vegas Personal Trainers has helped me lose weight and inches that I have never managed by myself in the past 30 years. My family in England could not believe the change in me. I completely changed my attitude about exercise and food, and given me back a passion for life through Las Vegas Personal Trainers."
Geri Grodzinsky
"Personal Training reduces my stress and helps me focus on my job. The Las Vegas Personal Trainers system helped me cope with the busy Vegas lifestyle while keeping me healthy both physically and mentally."
Amanda Nemeth
"I am so excited! I fit into my wedding dress perfectly!"
Jenni Nguyen
" I lost my gut!"
Jerry Fairweather
"While in med school at Touro University, look at what I did! Everyone has time for 30 minutes, 3 times a week."
Dr. Jill Polanczyk, D.O.
"I started working out for the first time when I was 70! It's never too late to start. Now I am strong and I lost 10 lbs of fat in 6 weeks."
Kurt Ervin
"What I have accomplished with Las Vegas Personal Trainers is to believe in myself. Personal Training has allowed me to have more self-confidence after I broke my back in a car accident."
Kim F
"I struggled with my weight for years due to lack of exercise and bad eating habits. However, all that changed when my health was in danger, as I experience high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels. My hard work, perseverance, and motivation helped me reach my goals, demonstrating tremendous results. I thank my family, friends, and trainer for their support and encourangement."
Erik B
"I lost 10 lbs just from working out regularly. I'm wearing my daughters bebe short shorts now!"
"I started working out for the first time when I was 70! It's never too late to start. Now I am strong and I lost 10 lbs of fat in 6 weeks."
"Carol is extremely knowledgeable about promoting a small business. She has vast experience in loyalty marketing, social media, and the details of running a business. I would definitely consider her a resource and would hire her in my business. She takes ownership of projects and is someone I'd trust to get the job done."
Abby Royal
"Carol is a great personal trainer and very understanding. Carol worked around my schedule, I had been through 3 different surgeries in a matter of months and she knew when to push me to get me back up to speed as quickly as possible!! On top of everything else she is a great person and fun to work with."
Mitzie Krampert
"Smart, assertive and committed are all terms which come to mind when speaking of Carol Strom. Carol has inadvertently had a greater impact on my company than many people I have hired to do just that. "
Kelly Burris, PhD, MSRT
"Carol Strom is the best coach I've ever had."
"Positive energy, great smile, and funny. I look forward to the appointments. I'm very motivated now because I can see and feel the results and so does my husband."
Marissa H.
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